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Journaux intimes Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook في الحواشي الملحقة بكتاب بودلير الأعمال الكاملة الذي تمّ الاعتماد عليه في ترجمة هذه النصوص، يذكر ميشيل جاميه أن اليوميات هي في الأص. I found some of Baudelaire s pithy statements to be witty His critiue of modernism and Progress was also interesting I wish the translator would have included footnotes for all the references to people of his era Life has but one true charm the charm of gambling But what if we are indifferent to gain or lossThere is in prayer a magical operation Prayer is one of the great forces of intellectual dynamism There is as it were an electric current When I have inspired universal horror and disgust I shall have conuered solitudeThe mixture of the grotesue and the tragic is agreeable to the spirit as are discords to the jaded ear There cannot be any Progress true progress that is to say moral except within the individual and by the individual himself There are in every man always two simultaneous allegiances one to God the other to Satan Invocation of God or Spirituality is a desire to climb higher that of Satan or animality is delight in descentTo be a great man and a saint by one s own standards that is all that matters

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Journaux intimes Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook كان عنوان الشذرات أقرب إلى طبيعة هذه النصوص، إلا أن الناشرين جمعوا بين العاملين بعد وفاته، وأضافوا إليهما سجل ملاحظات بعنوان نظافة. Angst Circumstance yields a strange mixture of weariness resilience despair and hope But to the artist who is well versed in the art of self awareness it brings one thing to this mix ironyThis is the gist of Baudelaire s secret journals May he rest in peace but may his writings live forever

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Journaux intimes Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ل مجموعتا ملاحظات ، سجلها بودلير في شكل رؤوس أقلام أو شذرات لتجميع المادة الضرورية لتأليف كتابين منفصلين؛ صورايخ و قلبي عاريا وربما. I found this slender volume recently on my bookshelf Apparently I d picked it up at a used bookstore at one point and it disappeared in my stacks until I happened upon it recently When I first encountered Charles Baudelaire it was to read Les Fleur du mal for an intellectual history class I was 19 and I was completely taken with the book and Baudelaire s place in history Fleur du mal has since stood out as one of my favorite reuired readings in collegeIntimate Journals did not fare so well I uestion whether these notes were worth publishing They are not journal entries in the sense of a diary in most cases They read rather as a writer s notes to himself of passing ideas on topics themes current events that may or may not later be developed into a formal piece of work The raw scribbles however are too chaotic and obscure to mean much and beg for some refinement to make them palatableReading these felt like a voyeuristic eavesdropping on Baudelaire s thoughts to himself and the picture they paint is of a pathetic splenetic man as censorious in his own way as those who condemned his work There are lines worth reading in Intimate Journals a few pretty clever or thoughtful observations but overall there is nothing of lasting value here I wonder if Baudelaire is a young man s writer maybe in the vein of Jack Kerouac or Hunter S Thompson one whose charm isn t apparent to a reader this reader of broader life experience and little reason to harbor bitterness