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  • Genuine Lies
  • Nora Roberts
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  • 04 January 2018
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characters Genuine Lies ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nora Roberts ☆ 7 Read & Download Summary ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Nora Roberts Uant'anni della vita di Eve come donna e attrice le vengono offerti per la prima volta senza veli senza menzogne in tutta la loro stupefacente esaltante a volte crudele realtà La sua storia è come un copione gremito di personaggi ognu. Book Description New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts weaves scandal celebrity secrets and murder into an explosive novel of Hollywood almost too wicked not to be true the story of a legendary actress who knows too much and the woman she s chosen to reveal it allEve Benedict is the kind of subject who could make any biographer s career Last of the movie goddesses she has two Oscars four ex husbands and a legion of lovers both famous and infamous Now she is ready to write a tell all memoir that has even Hollywood s richest and most powerful worriedJulia Summers never dreamed of being chosen to tell Eve s story But even if it means transplanting herself and her ten year old son from their uiet life in Connecticut to the withering limelight of Beverly Hills it s an opportunity too great to pass up But Julia never imagined how far someone would go to keep Eve Benedict s book from being publisheduntil she discovers just how dark Eve s secrets are And the one man Julia hopes she can trust Eve s stepson Paul Winthrop may have the most to gain if his stepmother s story is never toldand if Julia s life ends before she can write a word of the truthI absolutely loved Genuine Lies Nora Roberts is for me the greatest contemporary romance writers ever I have never been disappointed with any of her many books and believe me I have read a huge amount Her stories are exciting interesting and varied filled with unforgettable characters that stay with you forever and incredible fabulous alpha males with soul and strong beautiful and gutsy heroines and of course there s romance love and great HEA sI have read this book so many times in fact I still have the copy I bought when it was first published in 1991 yes 1st edition Now you might call me NR possessed after all this book is a bit yellowed by time but still going with a nice little plastic cover to protect itdoes that make me a NR lover Yes it does and I ama lifelong fanI amBut back to the story of a Eve Benedict the famous ueen and movie goddess of Hollywood who hires Julia Summers to write her biography and her adopted son Paul Winthrop who plays an incredibly important part in both these women s livesThere have been so many reviews written in the last 20 years on this book so I am just going to write my feelings after my umpteenth readAlthough written over 20 years ago with a few dated references such as the clothing descriptions the story still remains as fresh and new todayI absolutely loved Eve Her love for life her kindness her loyalty her sexinesshere s a woman in her late sixties who still has the power not only because of her beauty but because of who she is inside to seduce a gorgeous man half her age Knowing exactly who she was able to admit her mistakes Her love for a man she could never be together with really pulled my heartstrings Despite the pain and sadness she had experienced in her life she did not become a bitter person with regrets I understood in the end why she felt it so important to write her memoirs In a way I felt the sadness in this life she had after having all that money fame power men suddenly so alone in a wayThe romance between Julia Paul Winthrop two people you cannot help but like so much is sweet tender and so sensual Paul may be an alpha male without the whole macho thinghe s persuasive sexy gorgeous romantic funny and does not ever give up on Julia who hides a lovable and sensual side under this controller organized and self reliant career woman Her son Brandon is one of those young kids you can engage withhe s cute not obnoxious and smart I cared for these characters and became so involved in their lives as the story progressesLoved all the suspense the twists the glamour the glitz secrets and scandals and some delicious tidbits of a Hollywood lifeI was surprised to discover the REAL bad person in the end which was really sad in a way and I wish Eve Benedict would get to spend time playing with BrandonThis is such a fabulous book and I loved reading it again and losing myself in the world of LA LA land

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Genuine Lies

characters Genuine Lies ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nora Roberts ☆ 7 Read & Download Summary ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Nora Roberts No dei uali ha recitato un ruolo insostituibile lasciando un segno più o meno profondo nella sua tormentata esistenza Ma dopo tanti compromessi dopo tante bugie la verità può essere dolorosa E pericolosa Per Eve e per la stessa Julia. 45 starsInkvotaryThis was the second time that I ve read this book And I was again hooked and very entertained My rating stays the same and to dive into the glamor and shiny facade of Hollywood as gorgeous as ever The style Nora Roberts had in her early work is fascinating and expresses the feeling the 80ies and 90ies had Eve is a real diva Everything she does she plans or even has to deal with she needs to have the control The people in her life have to live the way she wants them With some that works with others it doesn t In the end when she has to learn the very hard way that she can t control everything not even nature she again does everything to get that feeling back And failsSoft sensitive and with no word too much or too less has Nora Roberts written this great novel about the shiny world of Hollywood family love and what it means to be adopted

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characters Genuine Lies ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nora Roberts ☆ 7 Read & Download Summary ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Nora Roberts Per Julia Summers essere prescelta da Eve Benedict una delle ultime leggende di Hollywood per scrivere la sua biografia autorizzata rappresenta certamente l'apice della carriera ma anche una sfida impegnativa logorante elettrizzante Cin. Scandal secrets danger and murder become tangled realities of biographer Julia Summers life when she takes the job of helping Eve Benedict a Hollywood legend and its reigning ueen write her biographymemoir Eve intends to use the book to shed her secrets and secrets of those who have been in her life through the years secrets many want to remain in the shadows undisturbedEve s stepson and the son of her heart Paul Winthrop isn t so sure the book is such a good idea and he is suspicious of Julia but he also finds himself entranced by the complex and beguiling woman she is The romance is a strand in the overall tale but not the primary one I enjoyed Julia s 10 year old son Brandon and his interactions with Paul Brandon s biological father may be an ace lawyer but he is no dadI guessed very early on that one secret Eve was holding was that view spoilerJulia was the child she had secretly given up for adoption hide spoiler