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characters An Absent Wife Read & Download An Absent Wife 109 Gossips and now a target for every designing matron in London In line with her consistent talent for being disagreeable Lady Adele Warburton had run off with a lowly lieutenant leaving safety and respectability behind then died in a cholera epidemic in a far flun. A very powerful story of regrets and second chances reminding me of another great read Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas The story starts as Lord Lysander receives a letter that his estranged wife and her lover died from cholera in India He is relived but also wanted a closure Lysander decided to travel to India to retrieve his wife belongings even though her body was cremated When he gets there a certain seuence of events lead him to suspicion that his wife is not dead Throughout the story we get flashbacks to his unhappy marriage Lysander reluctantly entered the marriage as it was either MOC or disinheritance It is not clear to me that is why 4 starts why the heroine Adele agreed to marry obviously unpleasant hero who had no regard for her and only distaste Yes she was in love with his looks and title was not to be amiss but she didn t appear to be shallow

characters An Absent Wife

An Absent Wife

characters An Absent Wife Read & Download An Absent Wife 109 The desertion of Lord Lysander Burton's wife had come as a complete surprise even though he readily admitted that he'd never excelled as a husband The death of the wife he'd ignored for close to a decade was a downright nuisance making him further fodder for the. This one needed a bit love so I decided to embellish my review a tad Ballsy story where the heroine ran off with another manand actually had sex with him The hero was the rich and powerful but neglectful husband who deservingly got publically humiliated when the unjustly scorned wifey took off with some lowly soldier preferring to live in sin in another country than to remain in her lonely gilded cage Mrs Ho and her toy soldier supposedly die in a cholera outbreak He really does croak Poor dude got the shaft Putting the past behind him our ahole hero went to get their effects but started playing the detective when her hairbrush was missing from her things damn his intuition and the local funeral pyre boy related seeing a English women alive at the lieutenant s service As it is in the way of fiction he ended up finding the needle in the haystack halfway across the world and dragged said needle back for retribution However on the way he got to know the special snowflake he tossed aside for the prize that she was and had to eat it at the thoughts of his woman making nasty with some other guy Can I just say ahhhh It was highly fulfilling to have the manwhore get a good dose of his own medicine You just don t see that near enough It made up for the little uirks that could be on the irritating side Downside was that this read like a self published title that needed an editor but was otherwise uite good I liked it anyway Different spin on the modern historical romance

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characters An Absent Wife Read & Download An Absent Wife 109 G country In a last show of husbandly duty Lysander decides to recover her effects and grudgingly those of her lover retracing the steps of the wife he'd barely known across half the world But arriving in the mayhem of India he finds that all is not as it should. It was refreshing to read a book where a cheater get a taste of his own medicine