[Pdf/E–book] Driftwood

  • Paperback
  • 190
  • Driftwood
  • Cathy Cassidy
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780141338880

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Driftwood characters ó 104 Read Driftwood Hannah Joey have been best friends forever Joey's parents love rescuing things making them beautiful their. Driftwood was a beautiful book full of drama harsh reality and truth and I utterly adored every minuteDriftwood is about a girl named Hannah which was a bonus because thats my name who goes to school with her best friend Joey Hannah s brother Kit is head over heels for Joey and Joey is on a war with uniform and school rules She s uirky and enjoys individuality Although Joey enjoys demanding her head teacher around and being different Joey is actually far different then just her looks She was fostered by a beautiful couple called Jed and Eva who are creative and enjoy watching Joey float with her own individuality So when they announce their adopting a new child Paul Joey is obsessed with the idea But all goes wrong when Joey and Kit end up together and Hannah is left seeing what her brother and his loser friends are doing to the new kid Paul They re bullying him Hannah faces the reality of loving someone who may not love her back watching her best friend fall in love with her bullying brother whilst watching her brother bully her own love for being different Yet when Hannah realises a big secret and the truth behind Paul she falls even so in loveCathy Cassidy has touched the truth on fostering so beautifully She s able to portray how it can effect someone without writing it from the foster child s perspective Cathy has also ensured that Hannah is not the main character here and just uses her simply as a narrator which allows you to understand some feelings but having to create your own opinions and feelings too She has also touched on mental health self harm and depression as well as suicide in this book but without making it harsh or bombarding you with too much information It s subtle but it s real And because it s not the main character who is suffering you are attached to the boy next door type Paul as you re not forced to feel his feelings you can develop your ownAlthough I love this book there were a few points where I had found myself reading it over to make sure I read things properly There are a lot of references to beach magic and fantasy which isn t my cup of tea so I often found myself just reading into the metaphors in between I think Cathy Cassidy has done an amazing job with her work here and this book is a favourite However I would not recommend it to younger readers as the reference to self harm is uite clear and obviously can be worrying to them

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Driftwood characters ó 104 Read Driftwood Ens the girls find in a bin at school end up living there Then Paul moves in because he needs rescuing too. so happy to have the opportunity to read this thru an interlibrary loani really enjoyed this middle grades to YA book dealing with friendship and bullying I love her characters and how there s always a slightly outrageous one just like in real life my daughter is reading it now perfect for her at age 12

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Driftwood characters ó 104 Read Driftwood House is full of things made from driftwood old glass shells from the beach Which is why the scraggy kitt. This book centres around serious subjects such as bullying depression and suicide but remains entertaining despite this Cassidy seems to have a real knack for creating likeable real characters and pulling her reader into their lives