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Free download Mr Bridge Mr Bridge Download ´ 104 Assets and comforts create a cocoon of community respectability that cloaks the void within not the skeleton in the closet but a black hole swallowing the whole householdThe Bridge novels have been recognized a. There s a lot racial tension and white paranoia in Mr Bridge than in Mrs Perhaps due to the 60s between Mrs 1959 and Mr 1969 there intervened a decade of national Civil Rights struggle and Black Power posturing Not that Connell is suddenly cartoonish or emphatic in the seuel He isn t Updike whose first two Rabbit novels are separated by a similar span 1961 and 1971 in Rabbit Redux a black Vietnam vet Skeeter moves in gets Rabbit high and remedially schools him on the black experience of these Benighted States of America No in this novel Connell remains a droll deity arranging hundreds of one and two page chapterlets of poker faced prose making a mosaic of those moments in which nothing really happens but much is glimpsed In this uiet way Connell exposes the Negrophobia and Jew loathing implicit in the first novel Walter Bridge a prosperous Kansas City attorney feels a panicky unease after being told that his black maid s nephew plans to apply to Harvard When his upset wife shows him an article on a lynching he asks her What was this fellow doing that he shouldn t have been doing and insists that the Southerners he knows are the most courteous and hospitable of people He reviles Roosevelt as a socialist thinks Communism a plot by upstart Jews to expropriate arduously accumulated WASP fortunes and secretly approves of what he sees as Hitler s attempt to limit Jewish influence at the outbreak of WWII he concludes Hitler is insane and this was unfortunate because some of his ideas were sensible Oh he lusts after his eldest daughter Ruth a languorous moody vaguely arty wannabee actress who is watched sunbathing or stretched out like leopard in front of the phonograph while Mozart and Wagner spill over her Ruth escapes to New York presumably to become one of the well brought up refugees from WASPdom that the passing for white Anatole Broyard balled by the hundreds during his Greenwich Village yearsA real piece of work right A sick fuck even Yet Mr Bridge is a rich and fascinating creation Connell must like the challenge of repellant characters the novel he published between the Bridges is called The Diary of a Rapist Mr Bridge is partly based on Connell s father and made me think tenderly of my own I laugh writing that When his other daughter Carolyn s sorority accepts a black pledge Mr Bridge fumes about this troublemaker my dad was just such a troublemaker he and his older brother the first blacks to live on campus at a Bible college in rural Arkansas in the mid 1960s At one point they had to stare down and shame the college president who disagreed with the trustees decision and who until confronted by my dad and uncle defiantly and publicly referred to them as our n s I hate to use the censor s dash but the review would get flagged otherwise That said Mr Bridge is in some ways the kind of man my dad was raised to be reticent guarded and rigorously compartmentalized Bridge excludes emotions and memories from his mature persona The aspects of his personality not germane to the roles of breadwinner and patriarch remain opaue to his family and largely so to himself The only conscious poetry in the man is the thought of how well his family will be taken care of should he suddenly die a repeated resonant image is his reverie of the safe deposit box induced as he handles savings bonds and stock certificates in the tomb like hush of a bank vault It is very droll of Connell never to pinpoint Mr Bridge s age we only know that he is no longer a boy as he is ready to remind anyone who would force him to emote or reminisce In a recent memoir Edmund White remembers his father s peers in 1940s Cincinnati by their large and well cared for hats by their plain lace up shoes and double breasted suits and heavy overcoats uniforms that elevated and concealed them in an ageless anonymity from twenty to fifty they were men nothing or less The most lyrical passages of this very muted book come when Mr Bridge is overtaken by images from youth or when the prosaic patriarch lets slip some stunning story Twelve year old Douglas Bridge is entranced by movie ace Errol Flynn in Dawn Patrol and asks his father to fund flying lessons Mr Bridge refuses and to illustrate the danger of flying dryly cites one of his experiences in WWI Douglas is disappointed by the refusal then dumbstruck by the revelation just as I was dumbstruck when I learned that my dad faced down some ol cracker on a Southern campus You learn a parent in fragments Mr Bridge made me want to re read Connell s Little Big Horn excavation Son of the Morning Star 1984 James Baldwin said that American history is longer larger various beautiful and terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it but he said that twenty years before Connell got a hold of Custer Son of the Morning Star shares the accretive anecdotal style of the Bridge novels the digressions extend and interlace to form something incredibly vast no less than the American character as revealed by the struggle for the Great Plains judged one critic And I wonder if in Custer Connell found a thematic ancestor of Mr Bridge Of course Custer fought to make the Great Plains habitable for future Mr Bridges But deeply each man is at once a stereotype and a paradox representative and deeply bizarre Custer is a caricature of belligerent white male arrogance and a perfect sentimentalist weepy high strung and theatrical If Mr Bridge is the uintessence of stolid Great Plains conservatism of the walnut paneled interwar Midwest all gray flannel and municipal bonds he is also a latent daredevil never serene or clear headed than when chance crises a stormy transatlantic crossing a tornado touching down at his country club disrupt or invigorate his self imposed bourgeois routine Custer s Civil War exploits as a relentless Union commander it was his cavalry division that grabbed Lee like a police dog and held him until the rest of Grant s army could catch up who also happened to revile blacks and admire prewar Southern society exposes the contradictions of the Northern war effort and foreshadows the racist reconciliation of North and South of which Mr Bridge s lynching comments are an expression Mr Bridge is fond of uoting Lincoln but his folksy maxims of self improvement not his soaring civic poetry Lincoln the canny Illinois attorney is powerfully vivid to Mr Bridge Lincoln the Great Emancipator The renovator of American democracy Not so much And Custer is no less paradoxical as an Indian fighter committed to destroying the way of life of the Plains tribes while romantically entranced by that way of life Mrs Custer had been the darling of Washington society during the Civil War and he had powerful political backers in the east yet he chose to remain a rather poorly paid regular army officer on the rustic fringes of the civilization he was helping to spread Galloping hundreds of miles across plains hunting buffalo from horseback teaching himself taxidermy on campaign sleeping in the souvenir teepee he took from a Cheyenne village just before he burned itthere s a lot of Custer in his admirer Teddy Roosevelt s anxious fin de si cle program for the reinvigoration of American males in which the white sportsman in tailored buckskin eludes the femininizing creep of modern civilization by temporarily reincarnating the Indian warrior s stoicism and self reliance The ever subtle and ambiguous Connell is as far from Roosevelt s sueaky voiced warnings of over civilization and rhapsodies of the Strenuous Life as any writer can be a shirtless drum circle of other married guys is the last thing Walter Bridge wants or needs but Douglas Bridge does deserve to be studied as one of the canonical contests of violent boyhood and fussy female gentility The page and a half Connell devotes to the Bridges contrasting reactions to Douglas s killing of a suirrel with his bb gun is an X ray of the gender themes and power tensions of this American family And so ends my review rambling and half baked where Connell s novel is stealthy and controlled Read him He s a ninjaProps to Counterpoint for keeping the Bridge novels in print but in cover design they lose to North Point Old Puritan headstones are exactly what India and Walter demand

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Mr Bridge

Free download Mr Bridge Mr Bridge Download ´ 104 S classics during their author's lifetime With their shared ability to capture the manners and s of the American upper middle class Connell has done for the late thirties what Sinclair Lewis did for the twenties. I prefer to give Mr Bridge 45 stars since I didn t think that it uite measured up to Mrs Bridge although it s still worth reading after Mrs Bridge The vignette style of both books is something that I seldom see and love Just like Mrs Bridge this book is not plot driven Nothing major happens Both books are subtle and heartwarming Both will remain with me Some may not like Mr Bridge I prefer to not judge him too harshly He was a man of his time in the Midwest I prefer to look at his positive side He loved his family and was traditional

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Free download Mr Bridge Mr Bridge Download ´ 104 Walter Bridge is an ambitious lawyer who redoubles his efforts and time at the office whenever he sense that his family needs something even when what they need is of him and less of his money Affluence material. Another masterpiece of pointillist fiction this companion novel to Mrs Bridge tells the story of the Bridge family from the husband s perspective Told in snippets and short scenes like Mrs Bridge it excavates the human being behind his conventions or rather asks how much the person has merged into his own conventionality The truth isn t always pretty but the prose certainly is It s direct clear supple and utterly propulsive I found myself swept along even when what was being described was banal or worse It s uite a feat