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Robert Sberna  4 Read Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Robert Sberna Free download Badge 387 E where he earned two bronze stars and two purple hearts As a cop he never shied from danger He was involved in numerous gun battles and killed five people in the line of duty all ruled justifiable Notoriously euitable as a cop Simone was interested in doing the right thing than honoring the blue code Badge 387 recounts the brave exploits that earned Simone hundreds. Incredible bookAstonishing story of courage dedication and determination Gripping reading and highly recommended Jim Simone is one tough individual his commitment to fairness and the rule of law is inspiring

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Robert Sberna  4 Read Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Robert Sberna Free download Badge 387 Of commendations In 1983 while searching a church basement for a gunman he was shot in the face Despite his wounds he managed to shoot his assailant saving himself and two other cops And in 2009 he plunged into a frigid river to save a woman Simone was Cleveland's Patrolmen of the Year in 1980 and 2009 the only officer in the city's history to receive the award twice. This was a well told account of an extraordinary individual It gave me a new appreciation for those that serve in law enforcement and the difficult situations they face daily Highly recommend

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Robert Sberna  4 Read Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Robert Sberna Free download Badge 387 For nearly 40 years Jim Simone patrolled Cleveland's 2nd District a drug plagued area with one of the highest violent crime rates in the US Nicknamed Supercop Simone generated headlines and public interest on a scale not seen since Eliot Ness searched for Cleveland's Torso Murderer in the 1930sSimone entered police work after serving in Vietnam with the 101st Airborn. Across the nation the news media is portraying law enforcement as trigger happy cowboys Those of us who know better are aware that the problems in America s central cities stem from children being raised by a typically dysfunctional parent These angry young men who lack values and any sense of direction then gravitate to the druggang lifestyle As the regulators of the gangdrug element the police are forced to deal with these problems When drug crazed people arm themselves officers such as Cleveland s super cop Jim Simone are what stands between the law abiding and lawlessness Besides being one of America s most decorated cops Simone is an American patriot While spoiled and pampered whiners such as SF 49 ers back up uarterback Colin Kaepernick are lauded by mindless sports talkers and ideologues in search of votes people like Simone have done the real heavy lifting At his World War II veteran father s behest Simone volunteered to serve in the army during Vietnam and became an Airborne Ranger He was wounded twice and became a decorated solider after almost dying on the battlefield He later joined the Cleveland PD and patrolled some of the city s toughest areas During his careers Simone shot five people and was also shot in the face The wound exited his skull but he somehow managed to survive The author a former crime reporter did an excellent job describing this shooting scene The drug crazed man who shot Simone also shot two other officers before he was killed This is a truly outstanding biography As I listen to the the two major US Presidential candidates both of whom have zero military or police experience talk about war and crime this book makes a reader realize that these candidates are elitists who have sacrificed NOTHING for their country To see what a real American hero looks and sounds like read this book