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  • The House of Sleep
  • Jonathan Coe
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  • 11 June 2019
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The House of Sleep Read å 104 R ten years of fretful slumber and dreams gone bad the four reunite in their college town to confront their disorders In a Gothic cliffside manor being used as a clinic for sleep disorders they discover that neither love nor lunacy nor obsession ever rest. I found this book on a tram as part of the BookTraveller s organisation whereby people purposely leave books behind for strangers to read And so I think I must have done something right in my life to have had the chance encounter with a Jonathan Coe book This was the first time I d heard of Jonathan Coe and this was to become one of my favourite books of all time In my view this book is flawless The writing the humour the sorrows the prose I cried and laughed and long after I had finished the book I read it again just so I could visit the characters again such was the effect it had on me If I had to recommend a book it would be Coe s House of Sleep

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The House of Sleep Read å 104 Like a surreal and highly caffeinated version of The Big Chill Jonathan Coe's new novel follows four students who knew each other in college in the eighties Sarah is a narcoleptic who has dreams so vivid she mistakes them for real events Robert has his li. Jonathan Coe as he has demonstrated many times is an agile and humane writer and this book is perfectly readable and fitfully affecting However it s not the complex masterpiece it s touted as being What has been described as an intricate structure is in reality a protracted series of coincidences that carries on right to the end The central plot twist can be seen coming a mile away and the four or five main characters lives intersect in so many ways that you d think they were the only people on earth It s like one of those nineteenth century operas in which someone puts on a mask or switches clothing and suddenly nobody recognizes him any But at least in opera there

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The House of Sleep Read å 104 Fe changed forever by the misunderstandings that arise from her condition Terry spends his wakeful nights fueling his obsession with movies And an increasingly unstable doctor Gregory sees sleep as a life shortening disease which he must eradicateBut afte. Oh my freakin duck This book is how I ve imagined LSD on bread would be like This book is life now I sound like a tumblrer everything and the reason why I love reading I live for this kind of books Something like this of such majesty fervour ingenious depth has to be felt and steered perpetually from end to end of oneself As those being said Jonathan Coe is a master of mind tricks enclosed by words and brought to surface by the body s trembling Left with tears flooding my eyes on this one my synapses nipped nip which ran through my eyes and my heart I do feel this whenever I undergo ardent emotions of any kind Oh yes I believe the last one stopped for few seconds I t