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  • Paperback
  • 224
  • The Little Dragon
  • Betty Neels
  • English
  • 18 May 2020
  • 9780373811335

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review The Little Dragon 100 With her loveless marriage even though Jeroen was being recklessly extravagant Then she began to discover things about herself and him that took away all her newfound happine.

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review The Little Dragon 100 Only a poor overworked GP so when she found herself stranded in Delft without money or a passport and Jeroen offered marriage Constantia accepted At first she was uite happy. In many ways this is a typical Neels book Our heroine is a British private nurse temporarily working in Holland when she is befriended by a Dutch doctor and his three nieces and nephews They marry as friends and the story follows the usual lines including three dogs a cat lots of good food and a natural disaster I didn t however like this one as much as most for two reasons The doctor is particularly perfect in every way and I really liked him but the heroine doesn t have much personality She s supposed to be little but fierce like a dragon but I thought she was mostly wimpy never speaking up for herself with her employer and never asking obvious uestions of her husband Also he lies to her view spoiler about owning the big house and the cars He clearly tells her they belong to a relative and allows her to think they are poor hide spoiler

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review The Little Dragon 100 She swore she would never marry a rich man As a private nurse to the wealthy Constantia had seen the misery that too much money could bring Jeroen van der Giessen though was. It s been a while since I enjoyed a book so much This one has to be one of the best Betty Neels