The Vampire Next Door (FREE)

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  • The Vampire Next Door
  • Ashlyn Chase
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  • 28 October 2020
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The Vampire Next Door characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Room for Rent Normal need not applyThis old Boston brownstone is not known for uiet livingfirst the shapeshifter meets his nurse then the werewolf falls for his sassy lawyer but now the vampire is looking for love with a witch who'se afraid of the darkand you thought your neighbors had issuesUndead Sly is content playing vigilante va. Rating 35Heat Rating 4 out of 5 The Vampire Next Door by Ashlyn Chase is the third book in her unarguably jocular paranormal romance series Strange Neighbors This time it s Sly and Morgaine who get their stories toldI was really excited to finally get to read about Sly When we first learned his back story in Strange Neighbors he captured my interest I m vamp girl after all LOL Anyways learning about him was great I found it excellent that he always thought of his daughter He was completely devoted to herMorgaine was always someone that I never paid attention to She kinda paled in comparison to Gwyneth Well that was until her makeover in The Werewolf Upstairs After that it was her turn to shine and shine she did She had some psychological issues that I thoroughly understood I respected how she fought against them That took a lot of strength It made me proud to see her fight them to help her manOne thing that I will always remember about this book is the sex Sly and Morgaine got it on a lot and that s all good as far as I m concerned While they had WAY MORE nookie than your typical PNR the explicitness was average By average I don t mean it was without steam though Those two definitely put off some heat There are a number of other great things about this story Like the other books in this series The Vampire Next Door was filled with lots of pop culture references and I loved that I always smiled when I come across them There was even an appearance of the famous American witch Laurie Cabot The setting for this book is Boston so there were a number of street names and places mentioned that the reader might recognize Since I ve been lost in the city a few times I certainly did G Also I found it uite ingenious that Chase managed to use Vampire Vintage in this story That just happens to be the name of one of her Ellora s Cave titlesThere was a side story in this book concerning the new maintenance man and new neighbor Though it was hilarious it got to be a little to much for me There was merit to the characters however and if Chase were to adapt them and create a new story I would read it for sureAnother thing that brought this book down for me was the timing I found that the story lagged at times and I was a bit bored IMO the story could have been condensed at the end without harming the plot whatsoeverAll in all The Vampire Next Door was an enjoyable read for me It was a great ending to a wonderful series I m gonna miss that brownstone and all it s strange neighborsGiggle worthy GwynismsGwyneth is Morgaine s cousin She s a total country gal and has a flair for words that always has me giggling What s got y all madder than a bottle full of bees Well snap my granny s garters Y all are helpless as a Yankee at a grits eatin contest Ya ll look like a pup that was left behind when the family went for a Sunday driveFavorite uoteYou re amazing she whispered hoarselyHe pushed back the hair from her face You tooHow All I do is let you play me like a pianoHe chuckled You ve got a great keyboardCover commentsI think this is my favorite cover of the three books in the series It has Morgaine with the delightful swirlies coming from her hands They give a whimsical feel to the book as well as signify Morgaine s magic The coffin is great as it appears in a pivotal point in the story I also love the bottle on the floor It s a great detail It even has a V on it for Vampire VintageRelated ReviewsStrange Neighbors Strange Neighbors 1 HEREThe Werewolf Upstairs Strange Neighbors 2 HERE

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The Vampire Next Door characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB For The Werewolf UpstairsWitty and wonderfulthe entertaining plot humor sizzling sensual scenes and romance make this story unforgettable Romance JunkiesOriginal and full of laughs steamy sex and madcap mayhem Night Owl RomanceAn entertaining funny read RT Book ReviewsDelicious romanceThe Werewolf Upstairs seduced me Sparkling Revie. I loved this book as much as the first 2 But I would like to see how the lives of everyone from the apartments did Like what about Max How did the Wine business do What about Sly and Morgaine There should be a mini book about each personcouple

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The Vampire Next Door characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Mpire keeping the neighborhood safe from human criminals until Morgaine moves in upstairs Suddenly he finds himself weak with desire which isn't a good place for a vampire to be And Morgaine isn't exactly without her own issues will the two of them be able to get past their deepest fears before their chance at normal slips awayPraise. Stupid stupid stupid