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  • 03 August 2018
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S.W. Frank × 4 Read review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × S.W. Frank Read & Download Aftermath Alfonzo #7 104 Fia Kingpin Alfonzo's decision to eliminate one of his family members may cost him the woman he lovesLove and loyalties are tested Is trust enough when you're in love with a corrupt Mafia man or does the heart defy reason and decides based on fait. I purchased all of books in the series on my kindle about 2 weeks ago bc I was looking for a good series to read I stumbled upon 1 of the best I have ever read I finished them in all in about a week these book read like a movie I have only read 1 other series that even compares to this one Every character was skillfully done you could feel the emotions of every one of them The only real complaint I have was I did not understand Selange cheating with Nico it was kind of out of the blue for meI did not see their relationship develop to the point they would sleep together not once that I kind of got but to continue was where I was lostThat aside the series itself is just Magnificent the drama suspensesex love hate mysterymurdertwist and turnsthis series had EVERTHING I loved it I really hope this author keeps up the Great work bc they have me as a Fan for Life

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S.W. Frank × 4 Read review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × S.W. Frank Read & Download Aftermath Alfonzo #7 104 Ing the mourning there is discourse and a simmering feud between cousins flares into a near fatal brawl In the aftermath there is also a new romance blossoming and bonds once severed are unitedOnce the funeral ends it's back to business for the Ma. Well the ladies get into it in this book betrayals are uncovered and the brothers find out they are related Even the Maria is finding love I was happy for her I felt her son behaved like an assI have to say the books are beginning to sound very preachy to me I would prefer much dialogue between the characters and a lot less rhetoricGlad to to see that Ari and Nico finally managed to get it together I like the action in the books so I continue to read the series I really want to see about relationship between Geo and Shandra They should get a book to themselvesOn to book 8

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S.W. Frank × 4 Read review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × S.W. Frank Read & Download Aftermath Alfonzo #7 104 THE ALFONZO FAMILY SAGA CONTINUES IN THIS LATEST INSTALLMENT AFTERMATH Alfonzo Volume VIIForgive me father for I have sinnedagain Alfonzo AftermathThe families have gathered in Palermo for a final farewell to beloved Capo de tutti Alberti Luca Dur. I really liked this book because it focused wasn t about Selange and Alonzo 247 I enjoyed the chapters that focused on the relationship amongst the brothers and Nico While I understand Selange and Alonzo are the core of the book their relationship has been dissected and analyzed It was a refreshing break to learn about the other major characters Nico and Ari s love is uite realistic You have two strong stubborn people who are afraid to show their vulnerable sides Geo is crazy but I love his character It was nice to see a sensitive Geo but it would be nice if he s written has than a hardhead with a heart I would like to his intelligence displayed like Nico and Alfonzo Overall I loved the plot and character development Oh and the focus on the relationship amongst the brothers which I figured out by Anarchy and Nico The reconciliation between Nico and Geo was touching The only reason why I did not give this 5 stars was because there too many inner monologues