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  • Les Échelles du Levant
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  • 04 August 2018
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Les Échelles du Levant free read Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A graceful story of love across an insuperable gulf and a powerful allegory for the conflict that has beset the Middle East for the last half century To call your son Ossyane is like calling him Rebellion For Ossyane’s father it is a gesture of protest by an excited Ottom. Ports of Call by Amin Maalouf5 Stars197 PagesI come from a part of the world where throughout history there has been one occupation after another and my own ancestors occupied for centuries a good half of the Mediterranean What I loathe however is racial hatred and discrimination My father was Turkish my mother Armenian and if they were able to hold hands in the midst of the massacres it was because they were united by their rejection of that hatred This is my inheritance pg 60On a train in Paris a woman recognizes a man from historical photographs Gathering her courage she approaches him and learns he is waiting for an event in four days She convinces him to spend the next four days sharing his story Ossyane a Muslim descendant of Turkish royalty fights his father s expectations to blaze a path as a revolutionary by escaping to France to study medicine Despite all attempts to resist those expectations Ossayne becomes a member of the French Resistance during WWII where he falls in love with a Jewish woman This is a very short book coming in at a little less than 200 pages But within those few pages the reader is taken through the history of the Ottoman empire the Armenian genocide WWI and WWII the build up of hostilities between the Palestinians and Israelis and some of Lebanon s history But it doesn t get bogged down in politics Rather it is simply a love story between people that have all the forces possible against them The story is told with a fairy tale uality complete with an evil family member fate rather than magic as force directing Ossayne s life and royal blood It is a simple yet poignant tale I highly recommend it

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Les Échelles du Levant free read Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Rn to Beirut is a rebel hero’s welcome after all and a joyful reunion with Clara whom he first met in France But if one war has brought the Jewish Muslim couple together another much closer to home is destined to separate Ossyane from the people and the world that he love. World fiction is hit or miss for me This one was a hitIn this novella a Lebanese man tells his life story to a journalist randomly met in Paris the journalist introduces the story which is essentially a monologue from the Lebanese man spanning most of the 20th century The translation is so smooth you wouldn t realize without being told that it wasn t originally written in English and the author never forgets the book s premise the tone is conversational throughout My favorite thing about this book is its voice and writing style it s warm personable and intelligent without ever struggling to be profound I came away feeling that the narrator was someone I would love to meetThe plot is engaging and takes some surprising turns and the main characters the narrator and his wife and father are vivid and interesting While the sense of place is not especially strong there is a lot of history in this book the French Resistance sections in particular stand outPorts of Call is a short book but a successful one Seeing that this is one of Maalouf s minor works I would certainly read from this author

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Les Échelles du Levant free read Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB An prince for Ossyane himself it is a burdensome responsibility At eighteen he leaves Beirut to study in Montpellier far away from his father’s revolutionary aspirations for him But it is 1938 and when war breaks out in Europe Ossyane is drawn into the Resistance His retu. Towards the later part of this book the main character Baku empties his satchel on to the bed all it contains are hundreds of keys When fleeing a war zone and destroyed family home why the keys No explanation is offered no conclusions drawn nothing is said of the keys What are the keys to our lives are they an entry to who we are where we have been where we are going and in holding them if they are enough to sustain us through life s trails and the world s tribulations These are some of the uestions asked indirectly in this wonderfully short but dense book by the Lebanese author Amin Maalouf Ports of Call being the title of the book gives nothing away as to the story that is between the covers Family bravery on many levels ethnicity love personal courage and redemption are all here and for those looking for a neatly wrapped tidy conclusion please don t even pick this book up as it wont be for you The ambiguous conclusion speaks to the instability and fervently complex relationships of the LevantNot just the relationships of geography but of the common ethnicity that most of the peoples of the area share yes they have in common then most other areas but Nationalism which breeds intolerance can t be easily overcome This is not a political story but its also can t be ignored with the densely mixed ethnicity of the people of that area its an aside but has major impact on the wonderfully drawn characters of the book Alberto Manguel the wonderful writer in his won right translated this from French and he does a wonderful job as usual Please give this uniue book a chance you wont regret it