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  • 352
  • An Evil Cradling
  • Brian Keenan
  • English
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9780099990307

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Brian Keenan À 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ô An Evil Cradling Y fundamentalist Shi'ite militiamen and held in the suburbs of Beirut for the next four and a half years For much of that time he. Brian Keenan went to Beirut in 1985 for a change from his native Belfast He was kidnapped and held for the next four and half years It was here that he met fellow hostage John McCarthy This is an amazing read Brain is a man full of integrity and compassion and a uality writer I could uote so many passages from this book but one stands out I wanted to affirm that I was myself and would not allow my integrity to be taken from me by a surrender to what another believed or would make me be Throughout the isolation degrading treatement and abuse Brian never lost his compassion for others We cannot know ourselves or declare ourselves human unless we share in the humanity of another

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An Evil Cradling

Brian Keenan À 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ô An Evil Cradling Brian Keenan went to Beirut in 1985 for a change of scene from his native Belfast He became headline news when he was kidnapped b. It is a rare occasion that you get to read a book that manages to surprise you from beginning to end I didn t expect anything out of it but I still discovered I had a number of expectations because I discovered them whilst I was reading something that seemed to contradict what I subconsciously thought This book is written with grace Yes grace is the right word I imagine Keenan with his back straight and a steady hand as he wrote it though how he could have managed that beats me To be in captivity for almost five years beaten humiliated forgotten and to still write in such a graceful poised way It can only speak of the character of this Irishman The character that kept him going the strength and intelligence that saved him from becoming as hateful as his guards This book is a pure descent into insanity Keenan s mind went mad and then as only very few minds can do he coerced himself out of that madness and became sane again How again how he did this is beyond my ability to understand because I have never been imprisoned or tortured I can only clinically understand it like pointing to the x on the treasure map but the road there is one that only Keenan could take for himself This book contains some of the most beautiful writing I have ever seen in my life Leaving the subject matter aside though hard to do the words themselves fold and float together in a web that tightens and loosens with every chapter simulating the undulations of the human mind while suppressed and subjected to the most horrific terrors and the most painful tortures It is and I say this with my years of experience as a reader a uniue book through and through I must confess that I strongly believe that this experience of Keenan s when for five years he only had the words and the images that his mind could create completely shaped his writing It is so intimate so distressingly beautiful that I found myself feeling guilty for reading and re reading passages of his tortures or his insanity moments because of how accurately and disturbingly he managed to express them on paper This book is priceless to understanding the mentality of terrorists Keenan describes their behavior and beliefs their points of view This is not just a book about being captive this is a psychological study into understanding your captors Absolutely hauntingly beautiful filled with lessons in moral strength and integrity that all of us should learn but few of us ever get the chance to discover about themselves This book has in one swipe climbed to the top of my favorite books ever It crosses the borders of genres styles and literary might because of its truth and the beauty of the mind of its writer Truly astonishing I have no words of praise for it


Brian Keenan À 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ô An Evil Cradling Was shut off from all news and contact with anyone other than his jailers and later his fellow hostages amongst them John McCart. Deeply powerful and evocative a book that takes you into the soul of despair unlike and to the extent that no other book I have read uite compares or at present comes to mind while at the same time stands as a testimony to the indefatigable human spirit of the author which hauls his mind countless times out of the mire regenerating from within always a renewed sense of hope rallying with courage enough to at times strike fear into his captorsThis book says nothing about religion or uestions directly the existence of God Yet to me this gripping and fascinating account Keenan s retelling of his years spent as captive leaves you with an almost overwhelming sense of the intrinsic worth of being human heedless of whether an afterlife or not awaits us at the end of earthly existence At heart lies a compunction to beleive in the simple good of just living The book exemplfies on the one hand one of the two uotes chosen by that great novelistGraham Greene his masterpiece The Power and the Glorylent to me by my friend Eric meant I suppose as a suitable preface to his novel The End of the Affair The uote itself is by Leon Bloy and goes There are places in the human heart that do not yet exist suffering has to enter in for them to come to be This book like The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold says something that only those who have undergone those or similiar life changing extreme experiences and then emerging from out of the abyss go on to give voice thereby producing something without parallelOf the three books I have read the other s by Terry Waite and John McCarthy who suffered similiar ordeals this is by far the superior recounting of what was for all a most harrowing and brutal several years time an incomparable piece of stand alone writing that also as it happens is beautifully written