[Free E–pub] Too Hot To Handle By Nancy Warren

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  • Too Hot To Handle
  • Nancy Warren
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  • 07 July 2020
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Nancy Warren  4 Summary

Free read Too Hot To Handle Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Nancy Warren Nancy Warren  4 Summary Ysterious Isabella Emeralds from right under her nose along with stealing her heartRule #1 for Charlie never have a fling with your mark But Lexy was so hot and the jewels even hotter jud. This is a fun Harleuin Blaze by my favorite go to category romance author Nancy Warren In this one our heroine Lexy Drake is a jewelry designer our hero Charles Pendergraff III is a thief They meet he tries to steal priceless gems from her safe they are both pursued by bad guys he kidnaps her and then they fall in love There s to the story of course but I don t want to give the adventure away There s some hot sex but as in all Warren s books that I ve read it compliments the story and the characters rather than becoming the story itself Loved it

Free read Too Hot To HandleToo Hot To Handle

Free read Too Hot To Handle Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Nancy Warren Nancy Warren  4 Summary Ging by the sudden interest from far too many people Charlie had to convince Lexy he'd been framed And that all the times they'd spent burning up the bedsheets were not just stolen nights. I think overall the story was okay I listened to the audio book and the voice the narrator used for the hero kind of annoyed me I may have enjoyed this book if I had actually read it myself

Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Nancy Warren

Free read Too Hot To Handle Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Nancy Warren Nancy Warren  4 Summary Manhattan jewelry designer Lexy Drake knew the warning signs even as she was tempted to have a fling Charles Pendegraff III was too rich too good looking and light fingered He stole the m. Pleasant reading but I wanted something a little special or different It also needed showing about the bad guysSTORY BRIEFLexi works with precious metals and gems creating jewelry She does custom pieces for the wealthy as well as costume pieces sold in stores She has her own shop in Soho A customer comes in with an antiue emerald necklace asking Lexi to change the setting to something modern Lexi locks the piece in her safe That night Charlie breaks in and steals it Lexi lives above the shop and can t sleep so she heads down to her shop to work She sees Charlie with the necklace in his hand At the same moment the police are banging on the front door saying open up Charlie tells Lexi that they are not the police and that she is in danger Lexi and Charlie flee out the fire escape The next day the newspapers say that Lexi s shop was completely burned with a dead woman s body inside Everyone believes Lexi is dead Charlie and Lexi work together to figure out the mystery and catch whomever is responsible A second story involves Charlie s limo driver Healey and Lexi s assistant AmandaREVIEWER S OPINIONThis was pretty good but not as enjoyable as some of her other work It was pleasant reading But to give it stars I wanted to be surprised or delighted with something interesting about the characters The situations were ok but nothing special The author s key ingredient was Charlie a reformed thief He was born to a wealthy family but stole for the thrill He was never caught and eventually stopped stealing That idea had potential but it wasn t developed enough It was hoping for something creative or unexpected about his story Another problem by the end of the book I didn t understand which bad guy did what earlier in the story I wanted explanation or better yet showing about the bad guys There was a small amount of sex which was ok but I was bored with the first sex scene The book is short 210 pages Most romance novels are over 300I had a minor annoyance with the cover Lexi wears a gold dress with the necklace Cover girl wears a green dressDATAStory length 210 pages Swearing language moderate including religious words Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 4 Approximate number of sex scene pages 10 Setting current day New York City and Colorado Copyright 2010 Genre contemporary romance