Dreamwalker (KINDLE)

  • Paperback
  • 500
  • Dreamwalker
  • James Oswald
  • en
  • 09 November 2020
  • 9781405917650

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James Oswald Ó 1 FREE DOWNLOAD REVIEW Ü BERNALAMOROCHO.CO Ó James Oswald READ & DOWNLOAD Dreamwalker NEvery young boy in the Twin Kingdoms dreams of being chosen for one of the great orders and Errol Ramsbottom is no different He longs to be a Warrior Priest of the High Ffrydd riding to glorious victory in battle But you should be careful what you wish for; it might just come to passFor almost a century there has been. An OK read the characters were interesting but somehow it never really drew me in I took 12 days to finish this book but I did enjoy it a bit I decided based on the characters to try the next book in the series in 2 days I am about half way through it Much better

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James Oswald Ó 1 FREE DOWNLOAD REVIEW Ü BERNALAMOROCHO.CO Ó James Oswald READ & DOWNLOAD Dreamwalker The dragons of Glwad are dying Persecuted for over two millennia they're a shrunken echo of the proud creatures they once were And yet in new life springs hope Benfro son of Morgwm the Green the first male kitling in a thousand years Long ago dragons wrought a terrible wrong to the land and now is the time for redemptio. I absolutely loved this book and can t believe it isn t widely talked about on Bookstagram I am so annoyed with myself for not picking this book up months ago because it is a brilliant fantasyIt is set in a uniue world that I think was inspired by Wales and the Welsh language where both humans and dragons exist I loved that the dragons in this book are intelligent and live in villages and can read and write rather than simply being winged fire breathing animalsI enjoyed each of the multiple POV in this book and it was great to see the story from the view of both humans and dragons I am so excited to follow Benfro and Errol as they grow upThe magic system is very interesting and unlike anything I have read about before the idea of the Grym Lines is very clever and I can t wait to continue this series learning about magic as our young characters doThis book was so clever and at times brilliantly frustrating the multiple plots end up intertwining and it s always great to see that written wellI think it s best to go into this book not knowing too much about the world so I don t want to give anything away I highly recommend this book but unfortunately can t write a review good enough to do it justice Just trust me you need to read it


James Oswald Ó 1 FREE DOWNLOAD REVIEW Ü BERNALAMOROCHO.CO Ó James Oswald READ & DOWNLOAD Dreamwalker An uneasy truce between the Twin Kingdoms and the godless Llanwennogs to the north but as King Diseverin descends ever further into drunken madness his ruthless daughter Beulah takes up the reins of power A time of war looks set to descend upon Gwlad and it will surely draw everyone man and dragon both into its cruel ga. This book is a classic fantasy and tells of a secretive dragon society with a parallel story of an adopted royal orphan who is integrated into a priestly order against his will I was going to give this four stars It s well written and enjoyable to read The characters are painted well and the magic system is interesting The dragon society didn t uite work for me because the dragons came across as seemingly very human They spoke and ate and drank and lived in villages and houses just like a tribe of humans I know they were meant to be a shadow of their former glory but even so I struggled to picture them as being very dragonish as first My other issue was the pace It started off well but the pace became slower By the end I felt the story hadn t really got very far Clearly it s setting up for a series and I m fine with that idea But then it ended on an out and out cliffhanger and I m afraid I can t be doing with that No plot resolution at all I don t feel satisfied So I m afraid that pulls it down to a three star However if you don t mind cliffhangers it s a good intro to what sounds like a exciting second book