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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • His Substitute Bride
  • Elizabeth Lane
  • English
  • 15 August 2020
  • 9780373295395

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His Substitute Bride characters ☆ 107 A secret longtime passion for him Nor does he realize that the only reason Annie has traveled to San Francisco is to win his love or walk away foreverWhen dis. Thoughts to come

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His Substitute Bride characters ☆ 107 Dashing but cynical uint Seavers lives for danger A past betrayal has made him wary of love and he has no idea that independent practical Annie Gustavson holds. I saw this book had a lower average rating than what I like to read but skipped the reviews and read it as I wanted to know what happened to uint Seavers as the first book of the series was so good Wishful thinkingFor about two thirds of the book the plot and writing was very thin with the two main characters immediately spending thought on physical attraction and imagining sexual activity than anything of substanceThe last third of the book moved into some fast paced action adventure and redeemed itself or I would have given the book my first 1 star ratingNow that my curiosity about uint is satisfied and I ve read all three books in the series I d recommend reading only The Borrowed Bride and using your valuable reading time on other books rather than reading the trilogyI tend to think that my reviewsratings are less harsh or critical than most so I suspect that many people would say that this book and the next one in the series was time they could never get back if they read the books

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His Substitute Bride characters ☆ 107 Aster strikes the city Annie's courage and determination match his own and suddenly uint knows that she is exactly what has been missing from his life all alon. This was a good book I had recently read the previous book but they covered enough of the backstory to make the book enjoyable for someone who hasn t read the previous book flawed hero spunky heroine in the city of San Francisco in the days prior to the Earthuake