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John le Carré Ö 5 Summary

Free download ß The Tailor of Panama ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö John le Carré John le Carré Ö 5 Summary Andlers don't realize is that Harry has a hidden agenda of his own Deceiving his friends his wife and practically himself he'll weave a plot so fabulous it exceeds his own viv. At the end of The Tailor Of Panama John Le Carr acknowledges his debt to a previous work that presented a similar theme Graham Greene s Our Man In Havana Both books are about the oxymoron that we call intelligence so often self contradictory because the label is only useful when there s a lack of it Such gaps need to be filled and when we don t have sufficient material it might be necessary to invent a little just to keep everyone happy And such is the plot of The Tailor Of Panama who constructs his own reality tailors his own design to ensure his paymasters get what they want The irony of the situation lies of course in the fact that intelligence is most useful in those areas where those who desire it possess the least knowledge thus opening up multiple avenues for fabrication without fear of contradictionIn The Tailor Of Panama John Le Carr places Harry Pendel at the centre of the action He is the tailor of the title a crafter of uality bespoke outer garments whose customers include some of the wealthiest and politically most significant actors in Panamanian society The idea that floats in and out of the plot is the possibility surely only ever imagined that on expiry of the Canal Treaty a Southern Eastern initiative will seek to construct a new canal to undercut the original by reducing transit times The strategic interest that the original canal represented would of course accrue to the new grouping And it is this aspect that certain intelligence circles cannot stomachIt falls to one Andrew Osnard a rather overweight English slob to investigate to commission and to gather intelligence on the matter At the outset Osnard calls on Pendel ostensibly in seek of some expensive suits but there is recruitment in the air uite why it would be the British rather than their American masters who would be involved is one of the book s less convincing angles but then part of the novel s raison d etre is to portray such potentially serious activity as riddled with actual farce The problem eventually is that the farce can turn serious at any point and not only for those directly involvedThe specific problem for Harry Pendel British tailor formerly of Savile Row London is that despite his prowess with the cloth thread and scissor he is a man with form of another kind He also needs the dosh having entered a deal or two beyond his means and found himself out of a pocket he did not stitch He is well connected not only via his own elite customers but also by virtue of his wife s connections courtesy of her employer Even his assistant has a bone to pick with her country s political past and she still bears the scars of previous activity Thus Pendel becomes a chosen one a member of a select team that simply has to deliverA review of The Tailor Of Panama should not divulge any detail of the book s plot since despite John Le Carr s often beautiful characterisation and description it s what happens within these pages that is eventually important Suffice it so say that of course not everything turns out as the reader or even the protagonists might have expected But then after all if we did have the knowledge we needed to predict we would not need to seek out intelligence to fill the gapsThe Tailor Of Panama is perhaps a tad over long and at least some of the diversions seem rather artificial But surely in the real world if anything in today s surveillance society remains under documented there still exists the need for those in power to embroider to decorate for public consumption to add justification s weight to flimsy evidence It s not only novelists who make things up

Summary The Tailor of PanamaThe Tailor of Panama

Free download ß The Tailor of Panama ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö John le Carré John le Carré Ö 5 Summary Id imagination But when events start to spin out of control Harry is suddenly in over his head thrown into a lethal maze of politics and espionage with unthinkable conseuences. Let s just say that I m very glad that John le Carre is a man who likes to tell stories I will be scouring used book stores for of his work now that I ve been introduced to his witty and intelligent writing style I prefer vintage dust jackets I think they look great on my bookshelves I picture le Carre as a lapels turned up sort of guy a guy that can hail a cab with a mere wave of his hand Yeah I ve found a new favorite author I loved the mix of characters some I liked and others I despised From cover to cover this story delivers plenty of intrigue set against an exotic setting which is also very convincing I d say that le Carre did his research It s a bit cheeky too which appealed to me

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Free download ß The Tailor of Panama ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö John le Carré John le Carré Ö 5 Summary He is Harry Pendel Exclusive tailor to Panama's most powerful men Informant to British Intelligence The perfect spy in a country rife with corruption and revolution What his h. i have enjoyed previous spy thrillers by John le Carre so perhaps it was just me and my distracted circumstances while reading this book but I found it to be dull and rather a slog Somehow I forced myself to finish it imagining that it had to get better It did not