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Your Favorite Girl YFG #1 Download ✓ 104 His little black book she finds a single address and phone number that of Your Favorite Girl IncAssuming it's an escort service Melissa dials the number only to find she's stumbled upon a secret corporation dedica. RRC received by author in exchange for an honest reviewUmmwell I don t even know where to startThat was justweirdMy assumption was that I would be reading what the book description had said Your Favorite Girl is best described as an erotic romance thriller the first in a three part seriesWhat book I got was a somewhat erotic thriller Sci fi BDSM murder drugs sex slaves sadist violence kidnapping and rape I don t read any Sci fi Ever It s just not my thing so when in the first 20% we have a sex machine woman clone that cost one million dollars per day and turns you into a non stop sex addict from the drugs the fauna girl excretes from her ever ready sex body I was a little taken backThis is a well written book please don t get me wrong there I just believe that the books description should state what the book is actually aboutI was curious as to where this book was headed and as such read through just to find out what happens with Melissa So I guess you could say It was indeed a good enough book that kept me going even when I didn t want to Lots of twists and turns Not sure as to wether or not I ll be reading the next two books even though we were left with a cliffhanger If the book description was a little accurate I wouldn t have read this in all honesty as I said before I don t like sci fi that is why I am giving 3 stars where people into that genera would probably rate it higher It was a 2 star story line and an extra star for the authors writing ability

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Your Favorite Girl YFG #1 Download ✓ 104 When Melissa Reed a twenty two year old housewife discovers her millionaire husband Ted has been cheating on her with a recent high school graduate from down the street she begins to investigate his private life In. I ve been in a weird mood lately I ve been avoiding reading altogether because I m tired of reading that same story over and over I m talking about those lovey dovey romance novels that make me want to slit my wrists with a dull razor blade The author of this book messaged me that she had a free promo going on for this book and I thought Hey that would be perfect to read I decide to peek at the 1 star reviewsyes I said 1 starbecause they are always entertaining When one reviewer said To brutal and sadistic for my taste I immediately one clicked this bitch I LOVED this book I just kept thinking this is so sick and twistedwhat just happened damn that s kinda hot NO that s totally fucked up You shouldn t think that s hot Ren you re fucking sick in the head BUT I CAN T LOOK AWAY Can you make sense of what I just said It totally made sense in my headI came into this with an open mind I always expect the worst when you read those disclaimers Why these other reviewers didn t pay mind to that is beyond me I can t even put into words how perfect this story was written Almost every uestion I had was answered by the end of the storyI m assuming my main uestion will have to wait until book 2 I m SO frickin happy that there wasn t an insta love thing going on Yes there was that instant attraction between the two but it wasn t acted on until late in the book My only gripe was that Melissa the main character fell a little flat This may just be me but she was kinda boring She did have a bit of a mouth on her at times and I would have loved to see of thatThe premise of the story was so interesting Seriously who thinks of this shit It was brilliant Genetically modified sex slaves That s wicked The author even goes into detail on how they are created It gives it this sci fi feel and makes the book edgier If you are looking for a great erotica that doesn t skimp on the story then this is the read for you

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Your Favorite Girl YFG #1 Download ✓ 104 Ted to engineering the most erotic sexual creatures in the history of manAnd Melissa can't resist making a purchaseYour Favorite Girl is best described as an erotic romance thriller the first in a three part series. If the teaser is anything to go by then this is going to be one hot intriguing read This is a new author to me and very well written I can t wait for the full book to be released